The Norwich Community Collaborative Inc. (the “NCC”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a
purchase and sale agreement for the acquisition of the building known as Upper Valley Community
Grange, No. 581 located at 344 Main Street in Norwich. The NCC’s plan is to restore the Grange Hall and
to allow it be used by the community as it has for nearly 100 years.

What is the NCC?
The Norwich Community Collaborative Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized for civic,
educational and charitable purposes. Our mission is to restore and care for Norwich’s historic Grange
Hall as a gathering place for activities that foster community spirit and serve the needs of our

What is the Future Plan for the Grange Hall?
We would like to make the Grange Hall available to the Town of Norwich, the Upper Valley, to
community groups, non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals for public meetings, elections,
classes, arts events and performances, workshops, and other purposes, both open to the public and
private. Ultimately, our goal is to make this a location where the community can gather, learn, have fun
and make memories. We all miss gathering with our friends and neighbors at pancake breakfasts,
seeing angels on the upper porch during the pageant and gathering for other community meetings.
Now is the chance to bring this all back and enrich our amazing town!

What are the Next Steps for NCC?
We plan to convene with local non-profits and interested parties in the next few months to further
develop its plan for use. The NCC has been actively working with the Preservation Trust of Vermont to
identify funds for the restoration and will soon commission a rehabilitation plan to inform the scope of
work and fundraising needs to make sure this building can be used.


The NCC would like to thank the Upper Valley Community Grange and the Vermont State Grange fortheir trusting us with this building and responsibility. As part of our agreement, the Upper Valley Community Grange will be able to continue to use the building moving forward. We are immensely appreciative of their work on this transfer process and for their commitment to making sure this building remains open for public use.

Jess Phelps, President, NCC (email/phone)

Emily Myers, Vice President NCC ( / 907-385-9300)